Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between the different cuts of wood?

A frequently asked question in the flooring industry is what is the difference between the three primary cuts of wood: Plainsawn, Quarter Sawn and Rift Sawn.

  • Plainsawn flooring is the most common and least expensive cut and often produces a cathedral like grain. This cut if milled in solid is likely to shrink/expand twice as much as the rift and quarter sawn cuts between seasons.
  • Quarter-sawing results in boards that have a distinct ray and fleck figure on the face. This cut is more stable compared to plainsawn, but more expensive as there’s less yield from a log from cutting (this cut also typically runs approx. 70% quarter sawn & 30% riftsawn unless otherwise specified).
  • Rift Sawn is the most expensive of all cuts and also the most stable. This cut produces a linear/uniform grain appearance with minimal fleck.

While Plainsawn and Quarter sawn material is typically milled in charter, select or clear grades. Riftsawn flooring is generally only seen in a select & better or clear grade due to its modern appearance and high price point.